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Sangla Valley Trek

The Sangla trek is ideal if one is planning a holiday in Sangla and wishes to indulge in some exercise and adventure. So one can savour the beauty of the pastures of Sangla Kanda without the exertion of the Rupin Pass trek. Enjoy the Kanda over the afternoon after climbing up from Sangla. Spend the night at (or near) the Trekker’s Hut here and climb north-west the next day to cross the Shivaling Pass back towards the Baspa Valley. Once across, stroll down to the trekking hut at Dambar, the pasture of Chansu Village. If you are not short of time, spend another night watching the moon over the Raldang Peak, due north across the Baspa Valley. From Dambar take the steep track to Chansu Village and Ruttrang Bridge, to reach the motor road 3 km below Sangla.

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