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Best Things About Nag Tibba Trek

Nag Tibba At A Glance

Best Things About Nag Tibba Trek

An Ideal Beginner Trek
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A Trek For All 

Nag Tibba is undoubtedly an ideal beginner trek in India, well suited for all age groups especially young kids who can be introduced to nature & hiking with this adventurous beginner trek in Uttarakhand. Nag Tibba trek is an easy to moderate gradient trail which is a mix of dry & rocky path and forest walk. The total distance from Pantwari to Nag Tibba summit is 9 km. So on Day 1 , one has to just cover 4-5 km to reach campsite and remaining distance on Day 2 which makes it pretty easy for young kids & first timers. 

A Great Weekend Trek
Nag Tibba weekend trek

Weekend Destination

Nag Tibba has now earned its place as one of the best weekend treks near Delhi due to good road connectivity to Dehradun/Mussoorie & further to Pantwari. Yes, one can complete this amazing weekend trek near Dehradun-Mussoorie within 2 days. Dehradun is well connected via road, rail & air to Delhi. It is recommended that one can take an overnight Uttarakhand Transport Volvo to Dehradun & then take a taxi or shared jeep to Pantwari to start the trek on Day 1. Pantwari village has all the necessary infrastructure needed for Nag Tibba trek like mules, local guides, packed food from shops & basic camping equipment. All this has made Nag Tibba one of the best weekend treks in Uttarakhand.

All Season Trek 
Nag Tibba

All Year Round

Nag Tibba is a trek which can be done in all seasons & all year round. The weather in this region is never too harsh to make the trek undoable. In winters, its a great snow trek as there is a lot of snow in the higher reaches of Nag Tibba mountain from December to March. During summer months May & June, the weather is quite pleasant & perfect for camping and star gazing. During the rainy season from July to Sept, there is a good amount of rainfall which makes the Nag Tibba region a lush green paradise for adventure lovers who like forest walks, photography etc. In fact the rainy season has an altogether different & unique essence for the Nag Tibba trail. Truly, Nag Tibba is a trek for all seasons.

Scenic Pantwari Village
Nag Tibba trek

Meet Real People

Nag Tibba trek starts from small village Pantwari situated in the Tehri – Garhwal region of Uttarakhand. Pantwari is about 96 km from Dehradun, roughly a 3 hr drive in the hills via Mussoorie & Nainbagh. Pantwari village, at an altitude of 1,350m has an amazingly scenic landscape. It has great panoramic views of surrounding hills & huge agricultural fields below. If you are not on a tight schedule or time bound, you can spend a complete day exploring this scenic hamlet in the mountains. Village culture, customs, agriculture, food & cuisines – watching all this closely is a great life experience. 

Great Village Lifestyle
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Rich Cultural Heritage

The trail for the Nag Tibba trek actually starts from Banasari village, which is just twin village of Pantwari, located a little above it. As you start the trail from Banasari, you will see a big Gramsabha gate and two small temples in the village dedicated to Maa Durga & Nag Devta (the snake God). Besides village houses, you will see big animals shelters which the villagers have made to rear cattle like buffaloes, cows, mountain goats & mules. You will be amazed to see this rich village lifestyle which so well adapted to mother nature !

Adventurous Forest Trail 
Nag Tibba trek

Flora & Fauna

Nag Tibba trek has an adventurous forest trail which comes after 3 km of dry & rocky path. The trail enters a forest of Oak, Devdar, Rhododendron which like walking into a scenery & a great detox for your lungs. After fresh snowfall, the forest appears to be covered in a white blanket. In March & April, you can see Rhododendron trees in full bloom. They carry a red coloured flower which is used to make a great tasting cold juice called “Buraans”. The forest walk becomes more adventurous & pristine once you cross the Nag Tibba base & Nag Devta temple. During the winter months this 2 km trail to the Nag Tibba summit is covered with good amount of snow. 

Nag Devta Temple
Nag Tibba

Dedicated to Snake God

After crossing the first 2-3 km forest path, you will reach the Nag Tibba base, a huge clearing which is used for camping & also has a Forest Dept. hut. On the eastern edge of this clearing there is a beautiful temple dedicated to Nag Devta (snake God). Locals worship Nag Devta for the protection of their crop & cattle. The temple has a small “kund” water source which is always filled with clean underground water. It is local belief that one should first seek prayers at the Nag Devta temple & then head towards the Nag Tibba summit or “Jhandi” above.

Nag Tibba Summit
Nag Tibba trek

Panoramic Himalayan Views

Nag Tibba peak, at a height of 3,022m (9,915ft) offers great views of Himalayan peaks like Gangotri, Bandarpoonchh, Kedarnath, Swargarohini, Nanda Devi, Chuakhamba etc. You will be amazed to see this breathtaking panoramic Himalayan view which will compel you to spend more time on the Nag Tibba summit. It is recommended that hikers should reach the summit as early as possible in the morning to have a clear Himalayan view. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can do this trek ?

Nag Tibba trek is an ideal beginner level Himalayan trek on an easy to moderate gradient. Any physically active & healthy person can do this trek.

How to physically prepare for this trek ?

Nag Tibba trek involves a total hiking of almost 18 km, so its better if you include jogging or walking in your daily routine at least a month before the trek.

Is this trek suitable for kids ?

Nag Tibba trek is recommended for kids aged 7+ years. The trek  can be done by any physically active kid.

What is the best season to do this trek ?

The best season to do Nag Tibba trek is October to March.

What is the ideal duration for this trek ?

Nag Tibba trek can be done in 1 nights 2 days from village Pantwari. 

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