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Nag Tibba Trek Blog 

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A weekly blog on Nag Tibba winter trek which updates the traveller regarding current conditions of the trail.

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Nag Tibba trek blog brings almost daily weather updates like rain & snowfall in the Nag Tibba region.

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Custom dates available for a group of minimum 5 pax

Custom dates available for a group of minimum 5 pax

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11th Dec 2017

Season’s first snowfall at Nag Tibba

Nag Tibba trek blog

Nag Tibba mountain received this season’s first snowfall on the night of 11th Dec and early morning on 12th Dec. According to our local team based at village Pantwari, it started with a light drizzle in the evening. In winters, when it rains in the lower reaches then it definitely snows on the upper side of the Nag Tibba mountain – this is the rule of thumb that the locals use to ascertain weather. However, the news of the first snowfall was conveyed to us by one of our team members in the village who went to Nag Tibba trek with a small group of hikers. Nag Tibba winter trek is one of the best snow treks in India that you can do on a weekend. According to weather forecast, more snowfall is expected on Nag Tibba in the coming days. So get ready for Nag Tibba Snow Trek . .

16th Dec 2017

Trekkers enjoy season’s first snow trek to Nag Tibba

nag tibba trek

The snowfall early this week has compelled many trekkers from Delhi NCR and surrounding region to arrive for the season’s first snow trek to Nag Tibba. Big & small trek batches of many trek operators as well as individual trekkers started from village Pantwari for the Nag Tibba snow trek today. Everyone was excited to see the first snow patches on the Nag Tibba trail. According to some local forest guides, the first snow patches started from the forest trail near the Kathian base campsite as expected. Trekkers were seen enjoying on the snow patches by throwing snow at each other. Many young trekkers & beginners were thrilled to see the snow trail for the first time. It will be great if everyone realises the importance of the pristine mountains and the responsibility to keep them junk free. More snowfall to come in the following days . .

26th Dec 2017

Snow Trek to Nag Tibba on Christmas Weekend

Nag Tibba became a hotspot for weekend trekkers on this Christmas weekend 23rd-24th Dec. The long weekend due to Christmas holiday on Monday made the adventure seekers from Delhi & adjoining areas to rush for the Nag Tibba snow trek. Trekking groups of all the major trek operators along with a number of solo or independent trekkers culminated at the starting point, village Pantwari on 23rd Dec morning. According to the local guides & trek operators, there were more than 200 trekkers on the Nag Tibba trail on Christmas weekend. All the major campsites en route Nag Tibba like Buranstikhol, Kathian & Nag Tibba base were occupied by several camps of different trek operators. As per the feedback from the local guides, trekkers had a great time camping overnight and on the snow trail beyond Nag Tibba base.

28th Jan 2018

Nag Tibba Snow Trek on Republic Day Weekend

Nag Tibba trek

More than 700 trekkers from different trek operators converged on the weekend snow trekking destination of Nag Tibba on long weekend starting on Republic Day 26th Jan to 28th Jan 2018. Nag Tibba mountain received heavy snowfall on night of 23rd Jan, so there was atleast 1-2 feet of snow beyond the Nag Tibba base much to the delight of trekkers who had come in the hope of an adventurous snow trek. In fact, the snow beyond the Nag Devta temple was so dense that many trekking groups went only upto the temple area & came back. But many trekkers from professional trekking companies like TrailHikers, went all the way upto the Nag Tibba peak inspite of the heavy snow on the slopes under the guidance of our special forest guides who made sure that all our trekkers had a safe & adventurous snow trek to the Nag Tibba summit (3,022m).

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