Nanda Devi Sanctuary Trek

Nanda Devi Sanctuary Trek

Trek To The Source Of Ganga

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Nanda Devi Sanctuary Trek 

15 Nights 16 Days, Uttarakhand, India

Nanda Devi Sanctuary trek is one of the finest Himalayan treks. The romance of exploration, exquisite views and a challenging route make Nanda Devi trek quite appealing. However, at present, trekkers are allowed to go only upto Dibrugheta. Despite this restriction, you can enjoy gorgeous views of the Nanda Devi peaks and the peaks of the outer sanctuary.

Eric Shipton and Bill Tilman were the first explorers to penetrate the challenging Rishi gorge in 1934. They first ascended the summit in 1936. Other explorers then scaled the peaks, but after the sanctuary was opened in 1970s, too many expeditions followed. This led to environmental degradation of the region, which resulted in the closure of the inner sanctuary.

Nanda Devi National Park trek or the outer sanctuary trek is still worth doing owing to beautiful scenery & views of the peaks. Nanda Devi Sanctuary was declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1988.

Who can do Nanda Devi Sanctuary Trek ?

Nanda Devi Sanctuary trek is a two week long trail through the dense forest, rocky trails and enchanting meadows. Nanda Devi trek requires a high level of endurance level as this trek requires you to trek 8-10 km daily for almost 16 days. Recommended for very fit people who have done at least a few multi day treks.

 32,750 per person

Trek Dates 

Custom dates available for a group of minimum 5 pax

Custom dates available for a group of minimum 5 pax

Custom dates available for a group of minimum 5 pax

Custom dates available for a group of minimum 5 pax

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Best things about Nanda Devi Sanctuary trek 

  • Camping at high altitude meadows
  • Hiking in the Nanda Devi National park
  • Witness the rare Himalyan flora & fauna
  • Majestic views of Nanda Devi & other peaks

Day 1: Rishikesh to Lata village

Altitude : 1,950 m

Road drive from Rishikesh to Lata village via Joshimath

Lata has a small rest house a few metres below the village, at the roadhead.

Day 2: Lata to Belia Kharak

Altitude - 2,630 m
Trek - 6 km
Time - 4 hours

A trail winds up from the village. After a long climb, you will reach a small clearing, where you can pitch your camps. many continue to the next camp, but if you wish to acclimatise well, this small halt is a welcome respite.

Day 3: Belia Kharak to Lata Kharak

Altitude : 3,720 m
Trek - 5 km
Time - 4 hours

Keep climbing the broad, well made trail to the point on the ridge where it levels out. Rest house is available for stay at night.

Day 4: Lata Kharak to Dharashi Pass to Rani Khola

Altitude - 4,320 m
Trek - 6 km
Time - 8 hours

Cross Dharashi Pass (4,385 m). Keep climbing on the trail. As you turn to the main ridge, Baphkin Dhar (or Dharashi Ridge), you will come across views of Devistan, Bethartoli, Trishul and Nanda Ghunti. On the Lata Valley side Hathi and Ghori Parvat can be seen. Continue walking along the ridge, pass below two cols and then, a short climb takes you to the famous Dharashi Pass.

Descend 300 m and climb briefly to camp near a small stream called 'Rani Khola'.

Day 5: Rani Khola to Dibrugheta

Altitude - 3,250 m
Trek - 6 km
Time - 7 hours

Cross Malathuni Pass (4,400 m). The first view of Nanda Devi is visible from here. A steep grassy descent leads to Hanuman Nala. Cross the bridge on the stream and climb over a steep path to Dibrugheta alp. For water, descend ahead, to river.

Day 6: Dibrugheta to Deodi

Altitude - 3,280 m
Trek - 6 km
Time - 6 hours

Start with the steep climb to Dibrugheta Top (4,250 m), and then descend to the Rishi Ganga river. Cross the bridge to the left bank of the river. Beyond the river, a short walk leads to Deodi, a beautiful clearing in the forest.

Day 7: Deodi to Ramani

Altitude : 3,450 m
Trek : 6 km
Time : 6 km

A tough day. Long, steep climb to the top of a ridge and walk across the ridge till you reach a cave. Descend gradually to Trishul Nala. Cross the natural rock bridge on the stream. Another trail diverges from the Trishul Nala. After a small walk, ascend steeply and then descend to Ramani, a small camp under a rock next to the river.

Day 8: Ramani to Bhujgara

Altitude - 4,000 m
Trek - 5 km
Time - 5 hours

A steep climb to the Rishi gorge . It is difficult at places. You will reach 'The Slab', a rocky section which put early explorers in a quandary. Go up the steep and downward sloping rock; with a rope, if necessary. After crossing several difficult rock patches, you will reach Bhujgara Nala, an uneven and high campsite.

Day 9: Bhujgara to Patal Khan

Altitude - 4,200 m
Trek - 4 km
Time - 5 hours

After a short climb, cross vast slopes covered with junipers. After several steep climbs and walks under cliffs, you will reach the foot of Vaikunth gully, so named by locals due to its steepness and exposure. Cross the slopes and ascend briefly along a stream following the cairns, to reach the historic camp of Pisgah. The water source is far.

Day 10: Patal Khan to Chaubata

Altitude - 4,320 m
Trek - 4 km
Time - 3 hours

A gradual climb, across three nalas and a rockfall area, leads to an open, grassy ground at the junction of the slopes of the northern and southern parts of the Nanda Devi Sanctuary. Chaubata (meaning 'fou trails'), located on the other bank at the foot of Nanda Devi, is a camp with magnificent views.

Day 11: Chaubata to Sarso Patal

Altitude - 4,608 m
Trek - 5 km
Time - 4 hours

One of the most enjoyable walks on the sanctuary meadows is to the base camp of Nanda Devi at Sarso Patal. Many glaciers and peaks can be accessed from this camp. However, only major expeditions go to these places.

Day 12-16: Return to Lata
Distance - 53 km
Time - 4-5 days

Take the same route to Lata village in a span of 4-5 days at least. 

Interested to join Nanda Devi Sanctuary Trek ?

Duration - 15 nights 16 days

Trek Distance - 110 km

Level - Moderate to Tough

Best Season - May-June / Sept-Oct

Minimum Age - 15+ yrs

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