Sangla Valley Trek

Sangla Valley Trek

For The Holiday Makers At Sangla

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Sangla Valley Trek

02 Nights 03 Days, Uttarakhand, India

The Sangla trek is ideal if one is planning a holiday in Sangla and wishes to indulge in some exercise and adventure. So one can savour the beauty of the pastures of Sangla Kanda without the exertion of the Rupin Pass trek. Enjoy the Kanda over the afternoon after climbing up from Sangla. Spend the night at (or near) the Trekker’s Hut here and climb north-west the next day to cross the Shivaling Pass back towards the Baspa Valley.

Once across, stroll down to the trekking hut at Dambar, the pasture of Chansu Village. If you are not short of time, spend another night watching the moon over the Raldang Peak, due north across the Baspa Valley. From Dambar take the steep track to Chansu Village and Ruttrang Bridge, to reach the motor road 3 km below Sangla.

 7,750 per person

Trek Dates 

Custom dates available for a group of minimum 5 pax

Custom dates available for a group of minimum 5 pax

Custom dates available for a group of minimum 5 pax

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Suggested trek itnerary for Sangla Kanda trek starting from Sangla. Ideally this trek should be done as a weekend trek with a recommended 2 nights camping at Sangla Kanda and Dambar Kanda.

Day 1 Sangla - Sangla Kanda
Distance: 10 km Time: 4 hrs Level: Easy

From the motor road at Sangla, various paths descend through the village. Cross the Baspa Valley by a sturdy footbridge below the Forest Rest House, located just above the Baspa left bank. From here, a footpath climbs steeply south-west through deodar and blue pine. The Baspa Valley is visible below till the crest of the ridge is crossed. Across is the famed expanse of Sangla Kanda (3,600m), sloping gradually from west to east before dropping sharply to the Rukti stream on the left. The Rukti, a left bank tributary of the Baspa, meets the latter just above Sangla near the hamlet of Anmoshiresh. The path continues south-west through single crop fields climbing gradually to reach pasture land as one approaches the head of the Rukti Valley.

Shepherd shelters and a basic Trekker's Hut are an alternative to camping out for the night - but the sheep droppings and mites make tents an infinitely superior alternative.

Day 2 Sangla Kanda - Dambar Kanda
Distance: 8 km Time: 3 hrs Level: Easy

From the camp at the upper end of Sangla Kanda, traverse north-west and back towards the Baspa Valley, along the grassy slopes of the mountain separating Sangla Kanda from the Dambar pasture of Chansu Village. Climbing gradually and curving north, the route ascends to the ridge crossing it at Shivaling Pass (3,980m). The pass overlooks the spread of the Sangla bowl below. Across, further south, is the panorama of the Kinner Kailash Range with Raldang's sharp spire (5,499m) most prominent. The descent north to Dambar Kanda is not very steep and the Trekker's Hut (not in good shape) at Dambar Kanda (3,568m) os visible from the top.

Day 3 Dambar Kanda - Sangla
Distance: 6 km Time: 2 hrs Level: Easy

The descent to Chansu Vilage, 800m below, is steep - but quickly accomplished by those with good mountain legs. Initially, along the grassy slopes, it enters steeper rock faces and scattered forest half-way down. The roadhead lies at Ruttrang Bridge, 3 km from Sangla, and just below the reservoir of the recently completed 300 MW Baspa II Hydel Project. Sadly, it drains the river Baspa of its might, and one can no longer experience the magnificence of its precipitous tumble below Ruttrang.

Getting There & Out

From Shimla to Sangla, it's 227 km / 9 hrs by car 11 hrs by bus. There is only one bus to Sangla, at 7:15 am. If you miss the direct bus, take a bus to Karchham (every 30 mins between 6 am and 10 pm), 18 km short of Sangla. Local jeep (last at 5 pm) charges Rs 20 per person from here to Sangla

Return: Take the same route back to Shimla. Return bus at 6:30 am.

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Duration - 02 nights 03 days

Trek Distance - 24 km

Level - Moderate

Best Season - Jun to Sept

Minimum Age - 15+ yrs

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