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Pari Tibba Trek

Hill Of The Fairies

Pari Tibba trek is a scenic & adventurous ridge trek on the eastern outskirts of Mussoorie in Uttarakhand. Pari Tibba is an all season day trek near Mussoorie which is also suitable for all age groups. Pari Tibba hill top offers amazing views of the Himalayan range on one side & the scenic Doon valley on the other.

Pari Tibba Ridge Trek 2017

TrailHikers invites you to Pari Tibba Ridge Trek 2017 which is a day hike to the fairyland situated on the eastern side of Mussoorie, to Pari Tibba, also known as the ‘Hill of the Fairies’, is appreciated for its girdle of thick oak and deodar forest. Walking this circuit in April is particularly special, with the rhododendrons in bloom and the oak in purple new leaf. From October onwards, you get a front seat view of the spectacular Mussoorie winter line. It enflames the horizon when the setting sun leaves a unique, lingering band of gold, crimson and purple light along the length of the Doon Valley, from the Ganga to the Yamuna. Pari Tibba is one of the best places for day hikes in Mussoorie.

Day Trip Itinerary

Woodstock Bypass – Pari Tibba – Company Bagh Village

Start this day hike in Mussoorie from the bypass motor road at Woodstock, the distance to the top will require only 2 hrs if you follow the short forest road to Dhobi Ghat, the last place for basic refreshments and drinking water. Stick to climbing the forest jeep road to Chamalsari, on the east side of Pari Tibba, and follow its great ascent for 2 km, where a gap between two peaks is visible. To climb Pari Tibba, leave the first peak behind you and look for a trail ascending the second hill to the south (on you right). It is a short and easy climb to the top of Pari Tibba, ‘Hill of the Fairies’ but the views are not extensive because of the forest growth. you may notice the ruins of some old buildings, which are said to be the remnants of an early settlement of the British who were driven out by constant lightning strikes. Hence the term ‘Witches Hill’ used by the students of Woodstock school. You will also see the line of large educational campuses that run down the opposite side of the valley, parallel to your ridge route : Wynberg junior School, Allen Senior School, St.Georges College and Oak Grove (Railways School). Using these as constant markers, you can gauge how far down the ridge you have walked.

From the top of Pari Tibba, choose your descent as near to the ridge crest as possible. This is the rough country with some craggy limestone outcrops that have caves – villagers claim they were once bear lairs, so don’t be too adventurous in looking for shortcuts. Stick to the crest line of the ridge, which is pathless for much of the way. Follow, as closely as posible, the undulating, descending ridge south-wards for another 4 km through untrammelled oak jungle untill you come to the end of the jungle marked by a stone wall and a clearly defined bridle path crossing the ridge.

Warning : Don’t continue on further or you’ll finally end up in the Doon Valley !

If you look over the stone wall, you can spot the roofs of the Chamalsari Village lower on the eastern slope. Take a sharp right turn and follow the Chamalsari-Company Bagh bridle path, which descends at easy gradient west, then north-west, all the way to Mussoorie via Company Bagh and Barlowganj. Barlowganj is a steep climb of 1 km above Company Bagh, and motorable in theory. The whole circuit should take 6-7 hrs, if you stop to picnic. A hot water bath after wards, with salt added to the water, is recommended to avoid dehyration.

In places, note that the dividing ridge between the Song and Rispana rivers is sheer and rocky, and a strong walking stick is recommended. You are as likely to meet a wild animal as a human being on this trek, since it is too far from any village for sickle-wielding fodder-cutters to penetrate. If you wish to see or hear widlife , walk softly and don’t talk, you might catch a glimpse of ‘Kakar’, a barking deer which snoozes during daytime. Respect boundary markers. Stick to village right of ways and follow the country code. Friendliness on the trail gives better returns than aloofness – villagers whose curiosity is satisfied will turn out to be useful allies in a crisis. Make it a habit to carry back your own litter. Don’t expect to buy much beyond biscuits in village shops, so stock up in Mussoorie Bazaar for this amazing day hike !

 About Mussoorie

Mussoorie has always been a great getaway for mountain walkers with an eye for sylvan beauty and a nose for the unspoilt trail. It is the steepness of the Mussoorie range that has preserved an amazing wealth of flora & fauna and the richness of bird life. It is also Mussoorie’s institutional character that has helped slow down municipal encroachment on the forests. The avian population is rich in these fairly dense neighboring jungles. Garhwal (western Uttarakhand) boasts some 400 varieties of birds. The most characteristic bird song to start the day in Mussoorie is the thrilling trill of the electric blue Himalayan Whistling Thrush, which can nest in any limestone crag. Mussoorie is truly a trekkers delight

 Mussoorie Facts

Location : In the Garhwal hills at an altitude of 2,000m, spread on a ridge 35 kms uphill of Dehradun

Getting To Mussoorie :

By Air : Nearest airport: Jolly Grant, Dehradun (58kms/1hr45mins)

By Rail : Nearest railhead: Dehradun (35km/1hr)

By Road : Good motorable roads from Delhi to Mussoorie. It’s an 8-hr drive through the sugarcane and mango country via Roorkee, Chhutmalpur and Dehradun. AC and ordinary buses are available from ISBT Kashmere Gate, Delhi

 Getting There & Out

To get to Woodstock, use the Tehri Bypass (before entering Mussoorie at King Craig) or, if you want to do this in reverse, take the road immediately below it to get to Barlowganj.

Taxis are available both at Kulri and Library ends of town.

Return : Take a taxi or walk, from Barlowganj to Mussoorie, a steep 4 km

Hotel Suggestions : If you are coming specially for Pari Tibba trek, it is recommended you should put up in a hotel on the eastern part of Mussoorie, i.e near Picture Palace. There are lots of good economy, budget & deluxe hotels over there.


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