Nag Tibba Village Huts

Nag Tibba Village Huts

Village Stay In Uttarakhand

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Nag Tibba Village Huts

Village Stay & Tours – Uttarakhand, India

TrailHikers has started a new concept of accomodation in village huts for hikers on the Nag Tibba trek. A stay in these village huts gives an interesting insight into the rich cultural heritage & eco-friendly lifestyle of village people. It also provides monetary benefit to poor villagers as they become a part of trek operations & their are also paid a good lease money to use their village huts.

What are Village Huts ?

Village Huts or “Chhaans” are small mud houses made using mud, cow dung, stone, wood & dry grass by local villagers. Local farmers from village Pantwari use these village huts or “chhaans” as farm houses when they are doing farming on their land up in the hills. Village farmers use these huts for many purposes like storing grains or seeds, storing animal feed, as animal shelters or simply as a night shelter for themselves. These huts are very safe & durable structures with thick mud & stone walls and roofs made from wooden beams, dried grass & slate stones.

Benefits of staying in Nag Tibba Village Huts

1. Safer than camping tents

Nag Tibba Village Huts are much safer night accomodation in th hills as compared to camping tents. In the mountains & in the wild, there is always a chance of a wild animal straying towards a campsite or attacking campers. Village huts are 100% safe from any kind of wild animal or wild attack.

2. Warm & Cosy in winters

Nag Tibba village huts provide a warm and cosy accommodation for hikers, especially in winters. Village huts are many times warmer than usual camping tents which make you shiver at night. Clean village huts are provided to trekkers along with sleeping mats & sleeping bags.

3. Cool in summer season

Village huts or “chhaans” have an opposite effect in summer season. These huts remain cool even in the scorching summer heat, making it pleasant stay for summer months of May & June.

4. Dry in rainy season

Village huts provide a dry & comfortable accommodation even during the rainy season. Camping tents, no matter how good, usually get wet & uncomfortable when there is heavy rainfall but village hut accommodation gives a complete protection against the rains making your stay dry & comfortable and trail enjoyable.

5. A chance to see village culture

Nag Tibba Village Huts accommodation gives hikers & adventure seekers a chance see the rich cultural heritage & eco-friendly lifestyle of village people. You will be amazed to see how the village life is self sustainable, even at a very small level. You will have the chance to meet local village men, women & kids to know their customs, traditions, cuisines etc. It is a great learning experience for nature lovers to witness how the villagers have learnt to live with nature & judiciously use the natural resources.

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Custom dates available for a group of minimum 5 pax

Custom dates available for a group of minimum 5 pax

Custom dates available for a group of minimum 5 pax

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