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Village Homestay In Uttarakhand

Nag Tibba Village Homestay

Live Natural Lifestyle

Nag Tibba Village Homestay gives you an opportunity to live a natural lifestyle close to nature away from the trappings of urban life. Our village stay in Uttarakhand will rejuvenate and help you to rediscover yourself.

See Village Culture

Village stay is a great way to live among the local village people to know about their rich cultural heritage and customs. During village stays, one gets an insight into their hardworking, self sufficient and eco friendly life style.

Healthy Organic Food

Nag Tibba Village Stay gives you a chance to savour the taste of nutritious and organic village cuisines made of locally grown organic produce. Our travellers also get an opportunity to learn to cook different delicacies from village people. 

Nag Tibba Village Homestay

village stay in Uttarakhand

view of Nag Tibba Village Stay

Nag Tibba Village Homestay is located in village Pantwari, a scenic Himalayan village located in the Tehri Garhwal district of state Uttarakhand in India. Nag Tibba village stay is about 500 m uphill from Pantwari village. The village homestay is in local village huts called “Chhani” by villagers. These village huts are used as farm houses by villagers when they come in the hills to do farming. Our village stay provides the travellers a unique insight into an inspiring lifestyle of the village people. trailhikers also provides village stay for hikers en route Nag Tibba trek. Click here for more info. 

Quick Info

Nag Tibba Village Stay

Location : Tehri Garhwal, Uttarakhand INDIA

Duration : 1 Night 2 Days

Accomodation : Village Huts

Cost : $105 per person / night


✔ all veg. home cooked meals
✔ village huts stay for 1 night 2 days
✔ Matress bedding with pillows and blankets
✔ A complete village tour

What More To Do

✔ Nag Tibba trek
✔ Camping at Nag Tibba base
✔ Extend stay for multiple days
✔ A complete culture tour of the region

Village Pantwari

village stay in Uttarakhand

Farming fields in village Pantwari

Village Pantwari is situated in Tehri Garhwal district of the Himalayan state Uttarakhand. Pantwari has amazing scenery with high mountains to the north and huge village farms to the south. Village people are mostly farmers who own land in and around the village. In fact, village Pantwari is one of the few villages in Uttarakhand which practices complete organic farming and produces almost every crop of the region. Pantwari is also the starting point for Nag Tibba trek – a famous weekend hiking destination in India. Many young villagers earn their living by being a part of trekking operations with many trek operators. They provide services like mules, porters, cooks and guides for the trek.

Quick Info

Village Pantwari

Location : Tehri Garhwal, Uttarakhand

Nearest Airport : Jollygrant, Dehradun

Distance : 96 km from Dehradun

Accessibilty : Well connected to Dehradun by road


Summer : 20-25 ° celsius 

Winter : 7-15 ° celsius

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village stay in UttarakhandVillage Pantwari has a rich culture which celebrates all events and occasions with full enthusiasm. New harvest, start of a season, a new birth or a wedding – the village just needs a reason to celebrate. In fact, one can get a perfect insight into the culture and customs of this region by just attending a wedding in the village. The village also has a strong community spirit as one can see villagers helping each other in daily household & farming chores. A rich Himalayan village culture and warm people make this place for a perfect village stay in Uttarakhand.


village stay in UttarakhandThe village follows Jaunpuri customs as it comes under the Jaunpur region of Uttarakhand. The village people from Pantwari speak Garhwali language (with a Jaunpuri dialect) and national language Hindi. Village women wear a traditional head scarf (called “Dhaanta”), a blouse with a long skirt (called “Ghagra”). The village celebrates festival of “Pahadi Diwali” which is celebrated exactly one month from the national festival of Diwali. “Pahadi Diwali” is celebrated on a big scale in the village with people from all the adjoining villages coming to Pantwari village to join the celebrations. 


village homestay in UttarakhandPeople from the village eat a healthy diet of locally grown wheat flour, rice and pulses as the village grows all the major crops. A healthy and nutritious meal is cooked in every household. Rice, rajma, bajra roti, jhangora, homemade butter & ghee is the staple food for all villagers. In Nag Tibba village stay, one can savour the taste of roti (made with wheat & corn flour), rajma, jhangora, home made butter milk and many other delicacies. 


village homestay in Uttarakhand

Village Pantwari has huge organic farms which produce a wide range of crops like rice, wheat, pulses vegetables. Village people are self dependent for their food supplies due to the huge scale of farming here. Villagers also rear cattle like goat, sheep, cows and buffalows. The village is also self sufficient in milk supply. Farmers sell their surplus produce in the market at Vikas Nagar, a small town about 50 km from Pantwari. Pantwari village is infact one of the biggest producers of green peas. 


Pantwari is located at an altitude of 1,350 m from sea level. It has a pleasant climate all year round but gets pretty cold during the winter months when it snows on the upper reaches of Nag Tibba mountain. The region receives good rainfall during rainy season (Jul-Aug). Nag Tibba Village Homestay is located at around 1,700 m from sea level. Our village stay offers a pleasant weather (20-25 degree celsius) in the summer months (April to June) and a cold weather during winter (Nov to Feb). With an year round good weather conditions, Nag Tibba Village Stay is one of the best village stay in Uttarakhand.

Temperature Range 

Day Time 

Summer : 25-30 ° celsius

 Winter : 20-25 ° celsius

Night Time 

Summer : 15-18 ° celsius  

Winter : 7-10 ° celsius

Getting There

How To Get To Nag Tibba Village Stay

Nearest Road head : Village Pantwari

Nearest Rail head : Dehradun (96 km / 3 hrs)

Nearest Airport : Jollygrant airport (24 km from Dehradun / 4 hours)

How To Travel

Delhi to Dehradun : Dehradun is well connected to Delhi by road, train and air travel.

Dehradun to Pantwari : Take a shared jeep or hire a taxi (we can arrange your travel – charges apply/-)

Pantwari to Village Homestay : Our representative will receive you in village Pantwari and take you to our guest house over there to freshen up. After that, our guide will accompany you to Nag Tibba Village Homestay where your local family will welcome you !

Note : We can arrange your travel from Dehradun airport to Nag Tibba Village Stay – you can pay directly to the cab driver.

What To Pack

Winter (Oct to March)

  1. full sleeves t shirts
  2. sweat shirt
  3. track pants
  4. woollen sweater / sweat shirt
  5. winter jacket
  6. inner thermals
  7. woollen cap
  8. warm gloves

Miscellaneous Items

  1. sunscreen lotion
  2. skin moisturiser
  3. a sun cap
  4. sun glasses (UV protection)
  5. a water bottle
  6. extra pair of socks
  7. nailcutter
  8. nice sports / hiking shoes
  9. a pair of flip flops

Nag Tibba Village Homestay in located in the mountainous region of Uttarakhand which experiences very cold weather and snowfall during winter. Its highly recommended to pack warm clothing with all essentials for your village stay.

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