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Climb Nag Tibba Peak

Nag Tibba trek gives you an adventurous opportunity to climb the Nag Tibba peak (9,915 feet) which is the highest in the lower Garhwal mountain range of the Himalayas. Nag Tibba peak remains snow clad in the winter months from Dec to Mar making it the best snow trek near Mussoorie.

Camp At 8,500 feet

Nag Tibba base offers a great mountain camping experience for adventure enthusiasts & nature lovers. Nag Tibba trail has some of the most scenic & pristine campsites which provide breathtaking views of the forest canopy & Himalayas, perfect for bird watching & photography.

nag tibba forest

Dense Forest Trail

Dense forest on Nag Tibba trail gives a sense of natural detox & being one with nature to all trekkers. Nag Tibba mountain hosts diverse & rare Himalayan flora & fauna - many medicinal plants, birds like Blue Bush Robin, Himalayan Griffon and animals like mountain fox, Himalayan black bear, leopards etc.

nag tibba village

Rich Cultural Heritage

Nag Tibba trek starts from villages Pantwari & Banasari which provide an excellent insight into the rich culture of mountain villages. TrailHikers organizes custom village tours which give travellers a chance to see the diverse agricultural practices, unique hill cuisines & eco friendly lifestyle.

Nag Tibba Trek 

01 Night 02 Days, Uttarakhand, India

TrailHikers invites you to the Nag Tibba Trek 2018. This satisfying circuit used to be a classic three day trek but now, with motor roads reaching the furthest village, you can be at the base of the mountain in a morning’s jeep ride from Mussoorie. However the fact remains that four good reasons for doing this trek are still valid: Nag Tibba is a few feet short (9915ft) of the magical 10,000 ft mark. The mountain’s mixed oak and deodar forests are dense and isolated, and host to a rich variety of birds and wildlife.

It has a romantic association with Heinrich Harrer’s best-selling Seven Years in Tibet as he escaped, in 1944, from a Dehradun prisoner of war camp. And it possesses a unique cultural identity where the Garhwali lifestyle, traditionally based on reverence for the Ganga, has been influenced by her younger sister the Yamuna. The village of Lakhamandal on the Yamuna is reckoned to be the site of the Mahabharata incident in which the Kauravas tried to immolate the Pandavas in a palace made of lac.

You don’t really need porters for this weekend trek unless you are a group that wishes to savour the flavour of camping out. Many trekkers doss down in the village primary schools overnight, or head for the Gujjar grazing sites to sleep out under the stars on Nag tibba. The gujjars are extremely hospitable and make for another highly rewarding cultural study. Their dignity and integrity deserves to be emulated not destroyed.

WARNING: Bears are for real here and no villager will venture on Nag Tibba trek except in the full light of the day !

Who can do Nag Tibba trek ?

Nag Tibba is easy to moderate level trek with a challenging high gradient rocky trail in the beginning. The trek is suitable for first timers as well as trekkers who want to savour the taste of a Himalayan trail in 2 days. The minimum recommended age group for the trek is 7+ years.

 3,750 per person

Trek Dates 

6th-7th Oct (Full)

13th-14th Oct (Full)

19th-20th Oct (Open)

20th-21st Oct (Open)

27th-28th Oct (Open)

Custom dates available for a group of minimum 5 pax

Custom dates available for a group of minimum 5 pax

Custom dates available for a group of minimum 5 pax

Custom dates available for a group of minimum 5 pax

Custom dates available for a group of minimum 5 pax

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Many Reasons To Do Nag Tibba Trek 

Choose Your Own

Nag Tibba trek is truly a marvellous weekend getaway if one is planning for a short adventure in the Himalayas. Nag Tibba has earned its place as one of the best beginner level weekend treks in India. The fact that one can hike through a dense forest trail to reach Nag Tibba summit at almost 10,000 feet within 2 days, makes it one of the must do treks near Delhi NCR. trailhikers organizes a complete Nag Tibba trek package which includes services like - trek guides, cooks, camp accomodation, camp & trek equipment and transport from Dehradun to Pantwari.

Amazing Forest Trails

Nag Tibba trek
Forest trails rich in flora & fauna

Nag Tibba trek has amazing forest trails through the dense sal, oak, deodar treeline which are a delight for nature lovers & photographers. If you are aware about the Himalayan birds, you'll be able to spot many rare birds on this trail. In fact, Nag Tibba has forest trails on both Day 1 & Day 2

Rocky Terrain  

Nag Tibba trek
Rocky trail in the beginning

In the beginning, Nag Tibba trek has a challenging rocky trail for about 2.5 km which is not very tough but enough to give you an experience of a steep gradient Himalayan trek. The best part about this rocky trail is that it has 2-3 natural water sources in shady places, enough to relax & get your energy back.

Forest Camping 

nag tibba trek
Camps on a grassy clearing in the forest

Nag Tibba trek trail has some very beautiful, scenic & huge flat grassy clearings in the forest region which make for a great campsite. Trekkers have a wonderful experience of camping in the lap of nature amidst dense forest where they are able to spot the rare Himalayan flora & fauna. In the evenings, one can hear & even spot wild foxes in the nearby forest.

Please Note : Our forest campsites are well chosen & safe from natural elements & wildlife.

Himalayan Views from Nag Tibba summit 

nag tibba trek
Himalayan views from the Nag Tibba peak

Climbing the Nag Tibba peak (3,022m) on Day 2 is of course the best part of the Nag Tibba trek package. After a short visit to the Nag Devta temple at Nag Tibba base in the morning, trekkers start an ascent through a dense forest to reach the Nag Tibba summit. In winter season, this part of the trail is mostly covered in snow, so it becomes an adventurous snow trek. On a clear day, one can view the higher Himalayan peaks in full glory from the Nag Tibba summit.

Day 1: Dehradun - Pantwari - Nag Tibba Base

Drive: 3 hours / 96 km
Trek: 7 km to Nag Tibba base

Reaching Pantwari

Reach the pick up point in Dehradun for the Nag Tibba trek at 6:30 am. Your ride leaves Dehradun by 6:45 am sharp from Prince Chowk, near Dehradun Railway Station. The road route from Dehradun to Pantwari is 96 km and takes around 3.5 hours. The journey is extremely scenic, passing via the famous hill station Mussoorie, tourist hotspot Kempty Falls and Nainbagh to finally reach Pantwari.

Nag Tibba trek
Scenic Pantwari village

About Pantwari 

Pantwari is scenic & pristine hamlet located in the Tehri Garhwal district of Uttarakhand. Village Pantwari is at an altitude of 1,350 m and serves as a starting point for the Nag Tibba trek. Pantwari has a small market which supplies almost all day to day needs of locals. Pantwari also has a couple of good fast food shops which also cook regular Indian meals. Villagers are mostly farmers, some of which also earn their living by providing their services to the tourists coming for the Nag Tibba trek. In fact, Pantwari has large number of young men who provide porter, guide, cook & mule services for Nag Tibba trekkers.

Trekkers arrive in Pantwari at around 10:15 am. Our team member receives them on the roadhead & takes them to Nag Tibba Trekkers lodge in the village where the trekkers can freshen up, change & have breakfast. Trekkers are given 45 mins for all this. Trekkers are then introduced to our local trek team by the adventure trek leader. Trekkers are given a trail & safety briefing in which they are told the Do's & Dont's on the trail and also made aware about the trekking & camping regulations. Finally trekkers are given the trek registration form to fill up.

Starting from Pantwari  

Nag Tibba trek
Trekkers on the rocky trail

Trekkers start the trek from Pantwari at around 11:00 am under the guidance of TrailHikers trek leaders & local forest guides. The trek actually starts from Pantwari's twin village Banasari which gives a rich insight into the culture & lifestyle of hardworking hill people. Just at the start of the trail, their are two beautiful temples which also have a perennial water source which is used for drinking & cooking by the villagers. Trekkers have an option to fill up their water bottles from here as it takes another 45 mins to 1 hour to reach the next water source.

Rocky Trail

nag tibba trek
Natural water source at "Naugaon"

Nag Tibba trek has an intial rocky trail which starts right from the village Banasari. Though, this part of the rocky trail is on a moderate gradient but the rocks & small boulders make it a little challenging especially if its a hot & sunny day. After about 1 hour & inter-crossing four motorable roads, the trekkers reach the second water source which is called "Naugaon" by the villagers (not to be confused with Naugaon near Purola). Naugaon has a clean water source and a perfect shady place to relax on the trail.

Buranstikhol - Lunch Point 

Nag Tibba
Forest trail starts from "Buranstikhol"

After another zig zag climb on the rocky terrain for 30 mins, the trail turns into an almost flat path. Trekkers have to walk further for about 15 mins to reach "Buranstikhol". Buranstikhol has a piped water source & a huge flat clearing towards northern side which serves as a campsite during extreme winters when there is too much snow on the upper reaches of Nag Tibba. Trekkers can relax and have their packed lunches here.

Reaching Nag Tibba Base (2,600m) 

Nag Tibba trek
Kathian campsite

Beyond Buranstikhol, the trail again turns a little steep crossing some dense forest & clearings to reach a huge grassy clearing called "Kathian" which is one of the primary campsites for the Nag Tibba trek. Located at an altitude of about 2,250 m, Kathian provides great Himalayan & forest views. TrailHikers also uses this campsite depending upon the weather, season & availablity. Beyond Kathian, the trail enters a dense forest of Rodhodendron & Banj trees. After about 45 mins of forest walk on an easy gradient, trekkers reach the Nag Tibba Base, a huge clearing at the base of the Nag Tibba massif.

Nag Tibba trek
Camping at Nag Tibba base

Nag Tibba base is situated at an altitude of 2,600 m from sea level. It has a small hut shelter which belongs to Forest department which is also used by local guides to keep their mules safe at night. Trekkers reach the campsite set up by the TrailHikers support staff. A campsite briefing is done by the adventure trek leader. Trekkers are given evening meals & served an early dinner at around 8 pm.

Day 2: Base - Nag Tibba peak - Pantwari - Back to Dehradun

Trek: 2 km up + 9 km down
Drive: 3 hours / 96 km

Trekkers are woken up at around 6 am, as per the trip schedule for Nag Tibba trek. Trekkers are given one hour to get ready for the trek to Nag Tibba peak. Breakfast is served at sharp 7 am. A short briefing is done for the climb to the Nag Tibba summit. Trekkers start the trail at around 7:30 am under the guidance of trek leader & local forest guides. Trekkers visit Nag Devta temple near the base and start ascending for the peak. After about 1 hour of climb on a moderate gradient, the trekkers reach a ridge which culminates into the Nag Tibba summit, which at 3,022 m is the highest mountain in the lower Garhwal Himalayan range.

nag tibba trek
Nag Tibba summit 3,022 m

After enjoying at the Nag Tibba summit for 30-45 mins, trekkers start descending towards the Nag Tibba base. It takes around 45-50 mins to descend from the peak to the Nag Tibba base. After reaching the campsite, trekkers are treated to tasty lunch after which they start to pack up their backpacks to descend further. Post lunch, at around 12:30 pm the trekkers start descend back to Pantwari.

Our trekking group usually returns to Pantwari by 4:00 pm. Trekkers can have an evening tea or snacks at food shop in Pantwari market. The cab leaves Pantwari at around 5 pm and reaches Dehradun at around 8:30 pm. Trekkers also have an option to get dropped en route at Mussoorie if they are on an extended holiday.

Duration - 01 night 02 days

Trek Distance - 18 km

Level - Moderate

Best Season - Oct to Mar

Minimum Age - 7+ yrs

Day 1

Dehradun Pick Up : 6:45 am

Arrival in Pantwari : 10 am

1 hr for Breakfast/Freshen Up

Start trail at 11 am

Arrival at Campsite : 4:30 pm

Evening Tea / Snacks


Dinner at 8:30 pm

Day 2

Wake Up time : 5:30 am

Morning Tea/Snacks : 6 am

Start trail to summit : 6:30 am

Reach Nag Tibba Peak : 10:30 am

Back to Huts : 2 pm


Head Back Pantwari : 2:30 pm

Reach Pantwari by 5 pm


Cab leaves for Dehradun 5:30 pm

Reach Dehradun by 8:30 pm

- A medium size backpack (for carrying essentials) max. 45-50 Ltr
- rain jacket / poncho ( it can rain any day in Mountains )
- a small hand towel
- a spare T-shirt & lower ( just in case you wanna change )
- sunscreen ( in case its sunny)
- sunglasses
- a sun cap
- a personal torch (for camp tent)
- a proper water bottle ( must . . we try to avoid using disposable bottles on trails)
- a personal plate / spoon (must)
- a small poly bag for keeping all food/snack wrappers ( leave nothing on trails except your footprints 🙂

Clothing suggestions for the trail :

Hiking up the mountain during day time / in the sun will be quite hot & sweaty so use light & comfortable clothing.

- a loose / comfy long sleeve cotton t-shirt ( use light colored one )
- a good track pant / sports lower
- a sun cap
- sunglasses
- good hiking shoes ( Quechua / Salomon etc. ) or good sport shoe will do ( Nike / Addidas )


Clothing Suggestions for Evening/Night at Campsite :

- woollen sweater / sweatshirt
- proper winter jacket ( not a bulky one )
- a warm woollen cap
- gloves ( optional )
- inner thermals ( keep them as you might feel cold at night ) & woollen socks

Mountains get quite cold in the evening/night so be properly equipped

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 3,750 per person

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  • all veg. meals & snacks during trek ( Lunch + Dinner on Day 1 & Breakfast + Lunch on Day 2 )
  • camping tent accommodation for 1 night (double / triple sharing)
  • trek equipment ( camping tents, sleeping bags, mats etc.)
  • forest camping & trek permits
  • services of adventure trek leader, trek guides, cooks, helpers, porters
  • transport from Dehradun to Pantwri & vice versa


  • any kind of personal expense on food / medicines
  • any kind of hotel or lodge stay
  • in case a trekker is unable to carry his / her backpack, it can be offloaded to mule / porter, charges of which can be directly paid to the porter (around ₹ 300 per backpack per day)
  • any kind of travel, lodging or medical cost incurred in case a trekker drop out of the trek due to sickness or injury

Nag Tibba From Delhi

Nag Tibba is undoubtedly the best doable weekend trek from Delhi or the NCR region. One can take an overnight Volvo bus from Delhi to Dehradun on Friday night to reach Dehradun by 5:30 am. Make sure you book the Uttarakhand Transport Volvo ( & not some private operator. Reach Dehradun by 5:30 am to join our pick up from Dehradun to Pantwari on Saturday morning scheduled at 6:30 am. Reach Pantwari,the starting point for Nag Tibba trek by 10 am, freshen up & start the trail. Do the trek on Saturday & Sunday and get back to Dehradun by 8:30 pm on Sunday evening. Take the night Volvo on Sunday night for Delhi. Reach Delhi by 5:30 am. Awesome right !

nag tibba weather

Nag Tibba Weather

The weather at Nag Tibba is just cool & pleasant all year round which makes it an ideal destination for trekking in any season. Winter season starts from October and lasts till March end. Days are warm with bright sunshine but nights are quite cold due to altitude & snow on the upper reaches of the mountain. Nag Tibba mountain receives its first snowfall in November end or early December. The mountain receives multiple snowfalls till almost March end which makes it snowbound for almost 4 months. December to February are the coldest months at Nag Tibba. Trekkers can enjoy a great snow trek during this time.

Nag Tibba Temperature

Day time temperatures at Nag Tibba range from 18°C to 25°C from October to March. At night the temperatures range from 10°C to -7°C depending on the altitude, snow & wind conditions. Nag Tibba base (2,600 m) is much colder as compared to the Kathian campsite which is located at around 2,200 m. If you are trekking up during the day time from Oct to Mar, you will feel very warm especially if its a bright sunny day. So its recommended to wear just a thick full sleeves t-shirt or light sweatshirt with a light track pant while trailing up on Day 1. However, when you reach the Nag Tibba base or Kathian campsite, temperature quickly falls after 4:00 pm. So put on the winter clothing as soon as you reach the campsite before you start shivering.

Nag Tibba Hotels

Nag Tibba trek starts from a small village Pantwari in the Tehri Garhwal region of Uttarakhand. Village Pantwari has no hotels or guest houses as yet. But one can get a room for night stay in some village houses for around Rs 400-500 per night.

However, if you are coming to Nag Tibba a day or two prior to your trek date then you can choose to stay at some good hotels or lodges at Sumankyari or Nainbagh which are less than an hour’s drive from Pantwari (the starting point for the trek).

Here’s a list of some good hotels / guest houses near Nag Tibba :

1. Devbhoomi Hotel – Village Sumankyari (19 km / 40 minutes drive from Pantwari)

Tariff – Rs 800-1200 per night

2. Hotel Suman – Nainbagh (18 km / 40 minutes drive from Pantwari)

Tariff – Rs 500-700 per night

3. PWD Guest House – Nainbagh (18 km / 40 minutes drive from Pantwari)

TRAILHIKERS plans to open its own guest house or lodge exclusively for the trekkers coming for Nag Tibba trek.

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Nag Tibba Trek Guide

TRAILHIKERS offers complete trekking guide to Nag Tibba. We provide complete trekking package including porters, guides, trek equipment & travel for the trek.

Nag Tibba Trek Map

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Nag Tibba Trek Blog

A weekly blog post which features the latest news, trail condition, weather and latest photos of the Nag Tibba trail. Our exploratory team keeps you updated.

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