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Dodital Trek

Dodital Lake Trek

The Magical Emerald Lake

A trek to a shimmering lake – Dodital, at an elevation of 3,310 m through majestic mountains via Sangam Chatti & Agoda

Dodital Lake Trek – 2017

Set amidst lofty heights and an elevation of 3,310 m, Dodital is like a shimmering emerald set in the crest of majestic mountains : mysterious, beckoning, and divine. Dense woods of oak, pine, deodar and rhododendron fringe the lake and the crystal clear waters are full of spectacular fish like the Himalayan golden trout. Trout was introduced here about a century ago, transforming Dodital into an angler’s paradise. The trek leads through tranquil country, gurgling streams with crystal clear waters, and dense alpine forests, all blending together like a vast green sequinned robe.

TIP: Get fishing permits from Uttarkashi before heading out to Kalyani.

From Uttarkashi, it’s a 15 km drive along the curves of the Asi Ganga via the little settlement of Gangori to Kalyani (1,829m) and Sangam Chatti, where the trek starts. The river has been channelled to feed the Trout Hatchery, which breeds and releases not just trout, but various other fish into the stream. Kalyani to Agoda is a gradual climb through woods, fields, and villages, on a mule track, while the trek from Agoda to Dodital takes you through thick forests. The trail goes through a few passes, waterfalls, and meadows until you reach Dodital.

TIP: This trek can be done with older children who, if they get tired, have the option of hopping onto ponies, which may be hired at Kalyani.

Trek Itinerary 

Suggested trek itinerary for Dodital trek from village Kalyani or Sangam Chatti. TrailHikers recommends a night stay on arrival & departure at village Kalyani.  

Day 1 Sangam Chatti – Agoda
Distance : 6 km Time : 3 hrs
Level : Moderate

From Kalyani, either drive or walk a little further to Sangam Chatti (1,350m), the base of the trek. Cross the bridge over the small stream and begin your 6 km trek to Agoda, heading due north. The track climbs steeply, moving through forest. The last bit of climb can feel a little strenuous and the village huts visible at the top seem tantalisingly out of reach. At Agoda you can hear the faint gushing of the Asi Ganga down below. There are no dhabas or hotels at Agoda (2,250m) but the hospitable locals provide (at very nominal cost) food and campsites to pitch tents. Food is usually Pahari staple – brown rice, pahari rajma, delicious thick chapatis and saag pahari aloo. After letting the food to settle down a bit, you can go down to the river in the late afternoon. It’s a good 30-mins zigzag hike along the edges of step fields down to the river. Make sure you do the uphill climb back to Agoda while there is daylight so you can watch the sunset as you pitch tents for the night.

Day 2 Agoda – Dodital
Distance : 16 km Time : 6-8 hrs
Level : Moderate

From Agoda, it’s a long winding walk of 16 km due north-north-east to Dodital. The trail is broad, well defined and runs through forests on either side. Since the gradient is not very steep, it’s a fairly moderate walk, except towards the end. On the way you encounter villagers returning with herds of cattle and some Gujjar encampments. There are no villages in between but you can find a few tea stalls for the odd break. Sometimes, you can find pahari women carrying baskets of ripe pears, which you can trade for peanuts. A couple of pears and you’re all set for the next leg.

Now you enter a high country, and walk along grassy hillsides and cliffs with 500 ft drops, into forests of decidous oak, which blend into spruce forests along the ridges. At what was roughly the half-way mark, we came to a picturesque bridge to the right, a good place to stop for lunch. From the bridge, you turn right, cross Manghi and walk through rich forests of oak, deodar and rhododendrons until you go past the final incline to reach Dodital. There are couple of shacks to the left, and after crossing a small bridge, you come to the Forest Rest House set in a clearing. And then you see the lake. Set against a stunning backdrop of hills, from where a mountain stream feeds it, Dodital is crystal clear. You can actually see the famed trout swimming about in large numbers. It is after these trout( dodi in the local language), that the lake is called Dodital. It’s believed that Lord Ganesh was born here. You can find a small unattended temple, dedicated to him, on the left bank of the lake. The cement and tin shelters on the edge of the lake – the government’s gift to tourists – have all the charm of postal department inkblots on a beautiful picture-postcard.

Day 3 Relax at Dodital

TrailHikers recommends that you should spend a day relaxing, enjoying & exploring at Dodital lake side. You can either camp out or opt for accomodation in the Forest Rest House.

Day 4 Dodital – Agoda

Retrace your steps to Agoda.

Day 5 Agoda – Sangam Chatti – Uttarkashi

Trail back further to Sangam Chatti and if you wish you can return to Uttarkashi via jeep drive on the same evening.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can do this trek ?

Dodital trek is an ideal trek for beginners who are looking for a trail on an easy to moderate gradient. Any physically active & healthy person can do this trek.

How to physically prepare for this trek ?

Dodital trek involves hiking almost 8-10 km daily, so its better if you include jogging or walking in your daily routine atleast a month before the trek.

Is this trek suitable for kids ?

Dodital trek is recommended for kids aged 10+ years. The trek involves atleast 8-10 km of daily walking which can be very strenous for children below 10 years. 

What is the best season to do this trek ?

The best season to do Dodital trek is Mar to Dec . It is a high altitude trek so its not recommended for extreme winter season when there is too much snow on the upper reaches. 

What is the ideal duration for this trek ?

Dodital trek can be done in 4 nights 5 days from village Kalyani. The trek itinerary also includes 1 night stay on arrival at Kalyani and 1 night stay on departure, so the trek requires almost a week if you are coming from Delhi NCR region. 

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