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Bhadraj Trek 

7-8 hours, Mussoorie India

Bhadraj trek is one of the best day hikes near Mussoorie taking you through a scenic forest walk to reach the Bhadraj temple at the mountain peak (2,200 m). Bhadraj temple on the mountain top is dedicated to Lord Balbhadra. Bhadraj Hill gives a 360 degree panoramic view of higher Himalayas in the north, Assan barage to the west & Doon valley to the south.

Who can do Bhadraj trek ?

It is a perfect trek for hikers looking for a full day trek with a forest trail and hill top summit. Bhadraj is an ideal trek for nature lovers, bird watchers & beginners.

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1,750 per person

Trek Dates 

Custom dates available for a group of minimum 5 pax

Custom dates available for a group of minimum 5 pax

Custom dates available for a group of minimum 5 pax

Custom dates available for a group of minimum 5 pax

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Freaky Contrast on Bhadraj mountain

Bhadraj trek
Freaky Contrast on Bhadraj mountain

The most extraordinary feature of this trek is the freakish contrast between the thickly forested northern slopes and the totally bare grassland, which characterises the southern slopes. A line appears to have been drawn by a ruler, down the dividing ridge. Though bizarre, the effect of contrasting green tones is beautiful. It conceals Mussoorie's unique secret, the interplay of geological and climatic factors. This trail actually overlooks one of the world's most exciting tectonic plate boundaries. The Great Himalayas rear up on one hand and the Indian plains on the other, the latter slipping inexorably under the former.

Did You Know

- Surprisingly, the northern face of the Bhadraj mountain is heavily forested while the southern face is almost like a bare grassy mountain.

Clouds End

day hikes around Mussoorie
Starting from Clouds End

TrailHikers highly recommends that you star this trek at Cloud's End but if you are short of time and you want to skip Day One of the trek, then take a taxi to Dhudhli and start hiking from there. Dhudhli (the Milkman's village), as the name suggests, provides buffalo milk for Mussoorie. The villagers, except for water problem, are comparatively well off. In the old days, even untill ten years ago, they would spend the whole day walking into Mussoorie and back. now with bank loans for jeep/taxis, they can deliver the milk in a fraction of time.

Did You Know

- Leopard's Lodge which is now known as Cloud End Forest Resort is isolated and immaculately girldled by oak forest, was supervised by one of the first colonial travel writers, Fanny Parkes, in 1838.

Bhadraj Hill top

Bhadraj hill trek
Bhadraj Hill top with snow patches

The hill of the Bhadraj Temple peaks in a rounded grassy summit, which falls away steeply. Though the surface is parched for almost nine months of the year, this first serious uprise of the Himalayas catches exceedingly heavy monsoon rainfall, allowing the luxuriant grass on the slopes. Mussoorie gets an average of 200 cm of rain annually, of which 160 cm falls in only 70 days. Colonial commercial policy and Mussoorie's allure as a luxury hill station has led to the weakening of the tree cover. Both fodder and firewood demands have taken their toll on the surrounding landscape.

Did You Know

- Bhadraj peak at 2,200 m is one of the highest mountain peaks in Mussoorie region. Bhadraj mountain receives good amount of snowfall during the winter months.

Bhadraj Temple

Bhadraj temple trek
Bhadraj temple on the hill top

The Bhadraj Temple is dedicated to Lord Balbhadra (Lord Krishna's younger brother). The idols inside are intriguing and are said to reflect Budhhist influences, which once were very present in these tracts bordering the Yamuna. The temple holds an annual fair from 15th to 17th Aug when the villagers throng the temple to make milk offerings to the deity. The mela (fair) is a grand affair and has been provided level ground for stalls, and even a helicopter pad.

The great bonus of this hike is that a cool breeze accompanies you all the way, even in the hot months, since the higher you climb, the cooler is the wind on your face. The views, whether to the snow peaks in the north, or over the Shivaliks in the south, are expansive, and the shady path through the oak jungle a constant pleasure.

Suggested itinerary for trekkers who want to do a weekend trek to Bhadraj. Ideally, Bhadraj trek is an easily doable day trek from Mussoorie.

Day 1 : Cloud's End to Dhudhli
Distance: 7 km Time: 3-4 hrs

day trips near Mussoorie
Clouds End to Dudhli

Trailhikers organises this trek from Cloud's End to get you full worth of your trekking money and time. We start this trek in the afternoon at a leisurely pace as there is not much distance for Day One - just 4 km . From Cloud's End we follow a trail (jeepable road) westwards entering into fragrant jungles of oak and deodar, with a view of the valley down below at many clearings . This is almost a level trail except for some patches of incline or decline, but its such a mesmerizing walk that you'll want it not to end. Even in the peak summer months, a cool breeze is always there to rejuvenate you, accompanied ssometimes by a surprise shower. After about 2 1/2 kms, the trail takes a steep bend towards the village Dhudhli. There are two - three nice clear grassy patches where we sit down, rest and have some snacks.

treks near Mussoorie
Scenic landscape on the trail

​All charged up, we make a final dash to reach Dudhli, our camping/night halt point at around 4:00 pm, so that we have enough time to explore this beautiful place. Its a heaven for nature lovers and photographers, with its beautiful landscape, streams, wildlife (rare birds and himalayan ghural). Night accomodation for trekkers is arranged Camp style or in the warm and comfortable Village huts depending upon the climate and weather conditions. If the heavens are not pouring, we set up bonfires and freshly cooked outside the huts for our trekkers. Enjoy the amazing hospitality of the village people, folktales and mythology straight from the mouth of village elders who make us realize the importance of cherishing small things in life ! Dinner is served at sharp 8:00 pm as its important for the trekkers to get proper night sleep to charge for the next day's challenging trek.

Day 2 : Dhudhli - Bhadraj - Cloud's End
Distance: 16 km Time: 8-9 hours

Bhadraj trek
View from Bhadraj peak

From Dhudhli, we start early at 7:30 in the morning and follow the ridge westwards up to the crest at Bhadraj, a long, challenging & , ascent of 8 km. Instead of taking the bald ridge, which separates the completely treeless southern face of the range, we follow the prettier, winding path just inside the forest, which clothes the northern slopes. Both slopes north and south fall away steeply, and the higher you climb the thicker the forest is, though the oak trees all appear to be much less than a hundred years old. In the rainy season, you should be careful about leeches and keep checking the skin around the socks area every 15-20 mins. The lush green meadows near Dhudhli make a perfect landscape in the monsoons. The climb up from Dhudhli to the Bhadraj Temple will take around 3 hrs, so we will reach there at 10:30 am. Trekkers enjoy the views from the Bhadraj Temple (and peak) and explore the area. By noon we start our descent to Dhudhi where we have our lunch and then trail back to the Cloud's End, where we started.

Did You Know

- Bhadraj peak offers a 360 degree view of Doon valley to the south, Assan barrage to the west, Mussoorie to the east & Himalayan range to the north.

Trailhikers arranges taxis / shared taxis from here to Mussoorie (just 20-25 mins drive).

Duration - 1-2 days

Trek Distance - 14-15 km

Level - Easy-Moderate

Best Season - All year round

Minimum Age - 7+ yrs

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